Welded cages

Tack welded cages for beams and columns

We produce all sorts of tack welded cages for beams and columns. Cages are manufactured according to customers pics/plans. In columns the max. measurements are 15000 x 2500 x 1500 mm.
We also adjust diffferent kinds of column shoes, consoles etc. - if needed.

Tack welded cages for balconies

We produce different kinds of tack welded cages for element balconies. Balcony cages are produced according to customer pics/plans. We take into account the spills and water channels in our production.
Our customers appreciate our good quality and measurement accuracy.

Tack welded cages for massive slabs, slabs, innercore etc. elements

We produce all kinds of tack welded cages for precast industry. We list element pics/drawings into our own program. From there we can get out material consumption, waste, production time and price.
We also use our own program to minimaze the waste.