Cut&bent products


Cut&bent products

We produce cut&bent products in all forms and sizes. d8-12 mm we manufacture from coils and 16-32 mm from rebars.

Bending forms

We produce all bending forms - also archs for windmill foundations.
We can also bend 3D parts.

Tack welded cages for beams and columns

We produce all sorts of tack welded cages for beams and columns. Cages are manufactured according to customers pics/plans. In columns the max. measurements are 15000 x 2500 x 1500 mm.
We also adjust diffferent kinds of column shoes, consoles etc. - if needed.

MEP 36 Multiradius bending line

We use our new MEP36 Multiradius bending line for rebar processing. With this high capacity production line we can produce all bending forms. These lines are only 4 pieces in whole Europe at the moment. For more info of MEP36 Multiradius line: