Mesh B500A, standard

We store and sell standard mesh. Eye sizes 100/100, 150/150 or 200/200. Lenghts 6000 mm or 5000 mm. Widths 2350, 2530 and 2930 mm.

Special mesh

We produce special size mesh, finger mesh, mesh with 2 different size wires etc. according to customers needs. Materials B500A or B500B. Mesh maks. sizes:
- width 2930 mm and lenght 12 000 mm.

Our main goal is to find the right and time saving solution at worksite.

Finger reinforcement mesh

Finger reinforcement mesh is a mesh with 2 sides "open" = without 2-3 wires.
This means that they are assembled without 300-400 mm overlaps.
This saves material weight and costs aprx. 8-10%.
Send your pictures/plans to us in order to get our offer!

Standard mesh weights

We sell and manufacture all kinds of mesh. Also fingermesh.
You can find wieghts per m2 below.